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Client Case Study

A Cajun Tree Cutters

"No Work To Fully Booked"

Meet Dirk, the owner of A Cajun Tree Cutters. He owned an already established tree service company and noticed that his clientele wasn’t growing like it used.  He began to face the common “dry spells” that many tree service companies experience due to lack of work in certain seasons and times. He knew that if he didn’t take action now, within a few years another company less experienced and less established would come into his territory with an online presence and scoop up all of the new work that should be his. At best he may have been able to keep his business open.

He knew that he was missing out on massive opportunities to grow his business and clientele by not advertising online. He saw other tree service businesses doing the whole “internet thing” and absolutely crushing their competition with their books filled with work for weeks in advance. Overwhelmed and confused on where to begin with this new “internet thing” he eventually found us.

Since Dirk has signed up with our program he’s had a flow of new leads on a consistent bases. He knows that if they don’t have work lined up for next week there will be a whole new plate of leads coming in that can fill those days. He also has peace of mind knowing that he doesn’t have to worry about “dry spells” anymore and will never have to go into the negative again to pay workers who are on salary due to lack if work.

Real Customer Leads For A Cajun Tree Cutters

"Boosted my business tremendously within the first week, and service after the sell is second to none!"
Gage LaVergne
Dirk Richard
Owner of A Cajun Tree Cutters


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contracts or commitments to using your service?

Never! At Lumberjack Marketing we are confident in what we provide and believe that we should constantly have to earn your business.

Are there any fees associated with your service?

Absolutely not! We don’t charge any fees or membership costs.

What do I have to do to get started with Lumberjack Marketing?
Our enrollment process is quick and easy and will take less than 5 minutes to complete. You will need basic information about your tree service, details of where and who the tree leads should be delivered to, and a credit or debit card for the initial deposit. You can either call us directly (972) 310-1362 or click here to get started. We are happy to assist you!
How many leads should I expect to get within a week or month?

At Lumberjack Marketing we make it simple to predict the amount of leads you will receive with our services. We offer nine different packages and leads will be delivered over a 30 day span:

Package One will yield between 20 – 29 tree leads

Package Two will yield between 30 – 39 tree leads

Package Three will yield between 40 – 49 tree leads

Package Four will yield between 50 – 59 tree leads

Package Five will yield between 60 – 69 tree leads

Package Six will yield between 70 – 79 tree leads

Package Seven will yield between 80 – 89 tree leads

Package Eight will yield between 90 – 99 tree leads

Package Nine will yield 100 + tree leads

How do you regulate the locations leads will come from?

We are able to pin point specific zip codes, cities or even mileage radius around a certain city. Basically, we can get you leads wherever you want them!

How will leads get delivered to me?

All Lumberjack Leads are delivered in “real-time.” This means you will get the lead as the customer reaches out for your services. All leads will be delivered via live phone call and email.

If the leads are exclusive, do I need to respond as soon as I get them?

Absolutely! When a customer reaches out to you, they are ready to buy. If they do not hear from you they will seek services elsewhere!

What does it mean “only pay for valid leads”?

Exactly as it sounds. Our belief is that you should only be responsible for the leads that are legitimate opportunities. We follow a strict policy to ensure satisfaction in the leads we bring you. Each incoming call and webform is reviewed and you will only be billed for valid leads. If you are ever unsatisfied with a lead, we make it super simple to report these leads and receive credit, so you have nothing to worry about.

What happens if I get a bad lead?

Let’s remove “if” out of the equation and replace it with “when”. Although we strive for quality, you will get a bad egg in the bunch from time to time. If you are ever unsatisfied with a lead we make it easy to report these leads and receive credit. All reported leads will be resolved within 1 business day, but typically within a few hours.

Do I only pay for the jobs that I close?

NO. We are delivering you opportunities, not booked jobs. It will take effort on your end to convert a lead into a job. The majority of our clients convert our leads at the same rate that they do with any customers they typically provide estimates to. You should expect the same.

How much does your service cost?

Tree lead prices will vary depending on location and competition in your area. With that being said you can expect a quality tree lead to run between $65 – $95 per lead. You will only pay for the valid leads that we deliver to you. There are no set up fees, monthly fees or annual fees for our service. At Lumberjack Marketing we believe we should only get paid by doing our job, delivering you quality leads!

Do I have to pay upfront for leads?

We do require a deposit from which we will deliver your leads against. The deposit amount is determined by each client based on their individual needs and budget.

How does your billing system work?

We are a “pay as you go” service. Once you begin getting leads, we will deduct the lead cost from your account balance. When your account balance gets low (typically the amount for 3 leads or less), we will notify you by email as a friendly reminder. Once your account balance goes below the amount for a single lead, our system will reload your account to the method of payment on file for the same amount as the previous deposit to prevent you from missing any opportunities.